Ubud, many ways done by the Balinese artists entertaining the tourists who are visiting Bali. One is about the art above the muddy rice field. This international art show various forms of art began to dance, drama, traditional wrestling to Bali on the muddy rice field.
Antique art in the muddy rice field can be witnessed every Thursday night, ARMA Museum in Ubud, Gianyar.
One of the attractions are quite interesting in the arts is a very traditional wrestling ‘mepantigan’ above the muddy rice field.
Some artists who also Balinese wrestling athletes – mepantigan – demonstrating the various techniques of mepantigan wrestling on the muddy rice field. Under the torch lighting , wrestling attractions to be very interesting.
In addition to mud wrestling, international art collaboration in the muddy rice fields also shows a drama that recounts the story of hostilities governor Kingdom Bedahulu Bali Kebo Iwa against Patih Gajah Mada from Majapahit.
The message in the drama, Patih Gajah Mada to struggle in order to subdue Patih kebo Iim Bedahulu of the Kingdom of Gianyar. Through a fierce fight and takes a long time, Patih Gajahmada finally subdue could Patih Keboiwa and his team, and began to plant the power of Majapahit Kingdom in Bali.
In addition to the action of mud wrestling, which is quite interesting and unique, international art in the muddy rice field is also showing gambelan tektekan from bamboo, traditional dances at the top of the embankment rice fields, football fire, the fire until the war with dried coconut leaves.
“I have witnessed various kinds of performing arts such as dance kecak, Barong dance, but that is truly unique and different than the other,” said Torsten Serritzlew, the origin of Danish tourists.
“Art is interesting, but the ticket is Rp 100 thousand ($10 in USD) per people, is still quite expensive, especially for local residents who want to watch,” said Andreas, German tourists.
“Besides spectacle as an alternative for foreign tourists and Sri Goddess (fertility goddess), art is also impossible to convey the message to the young generation to love more mud and rice paddy fields, so that the agricultural culture in Bali can continue to be,” said Putu Witsen, This stage arts coordinator.
So if you are in Bali and want to watch the art of attraction rather different, harmless alternative to watch this stage art

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