When you ever have started a home business you probably got bombarded with mails, follow-ups and offers. In my case, as I joined at one time several affiliate programs I got totally bombarded with mails. Instead of living the dream many people have, work less and earn more, you spend hours and hours behind your screen just to make sense of it all. Just take a deep breath, count to ten, do some yoga, or whatever it is you need to do to relax. No matter what those messages tell, they many times urge you to act, preferably right now, make sure you work in your own pace. Shouldn't you react to those incredible offers? Many business decisions are made on the spot. That is ok, as long as you can somehow forecast what consequences they might have...........on your wallet. It is easy to spend money, but in many cases more difficult to earn back.

On my first ten days I have spent about US $ 220,- on the first investment and about US $ 100,- on monthly investments. I could have spent much more than this, but you need to establish your own limits. Track those monthly expenses and find out if they give you a return. Some activities will work and others don't, even though they might have worked for others. And I cannot stress it too many times, this is business and there is not a standard guide on how to make tons of money. Why? Because business is not an exact science and deals with many unpredictable factors.

What to do
Sit back and leave all those "urgent" actions that need a decision right now to rest. Ask yourself these two questions: "What do I want to reach" and "what do I think I need to do to reach that". You might not know or have all the answers, but it is important to think about it. This will also urge you to think about the affiliate program you just enrolled in and to understand their business model. In layman terms, what is it about this program that makes them think you can make money for them and for yourself. <

Where to go next
After you made some points clear to yourself, just go with the flow. Learn and grab all the information that you think is important. It is a learning process and you will need to build your business if you want to become successful. It just does not happen overnight, so don't give up at the first set-back. Make sure that whenever you spend money, you forecast your expected returns. Don't just spend because somebody claims it brings you so much traffic which in turn gives you enormous sales. Think for yourself!

What not to do
Realize that your plans and expectations will probably need to be adjusted over time. As you will learn more your initial plan might not be 100% correct anymore. This is ok, because a plan always needs to be updated. Other businesses do just that. During the first ten days of my launch I also altered my goals. At first my goals were to optimistic. By day five I already realized that in order to succeed I need to adjust my timescale. My end goal still remains though: Building a home business with high quality products and services that brings an ongoing income. 

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