Meaning of Pancasila as the Indonesian view p Addiction
     Live view is often called the "Way of life" (english), "weltanschauung" (german language), Wereldbeschouwing or Wereld en Levensbeschouwing (Dutch language), view of the world, of life, life guidance, direction of life.

     Worldview contains basic concepts of life desired by a nation. Worldview contained in the mind - the deepest thoughts of a nation no idea about the existence of life remains good. Outlook on life a nation is a crystallization of the values ​​held by the nation itself is believed true, and create commitment in the nation to achieve that.

     Pancasila as the Indonesian view of life has meaning, that the Pancasila as crystallization values ​​owned by the Indonesian people, believing them to be indicators of life, living day-to-day guidance, a guidance and direction of all activities in all areas of life. In addition, pregnancy is the sense that all behavior and actions of every human pebuatan Pancasila Indonesia should relate to the Indonesian people's view of life as stated in Resolution No. MPRS. XX/MPRS/1966 5 July 1966 about the Memorandum of DPR-GR on the source Code of Conduct Law and Order Praturan RI Perundang invitation RI; Resolution No. MPR. II/MPR/1978 on 22 March 1978 Appreciation and Practice Guidelines on Pancasila (Ekaprasetia Pancakarsa; as detailed in Item 36).

     In existence, Pancasila as the Indonesian Worldview is the attitude of the act and action steps every citizen in the community life and nation that is not contrary to the norms of religion, morality, decency, and norms of the laws that apply.

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