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Importance of Sex EducationSex education or sexuality education is the process of acquiring information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, relationships and intimacy. It is also a term used to describe education about human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, reproductive health, emotional relations and other aspects of human sexual behavior.
Danger of Doing Sex At Young AgeSex relationships in adolescence increases the risk of cervical cancer or cervical cause of death, said the Acting Head of the National Population and Family Planning Representatives of Riau Islands province, Dwi Listya Ward, in Batam, Tuesday (19/7).
Dangers of Early Sex - Young AgeAccording to Ward, age menimal women have sex is 21 years old, that would be made after the marriage bond. "If done before the age of maturity, it would be at risk for cervical," added Ward.Based on the study World Health Organization (WHO), said Ward, 490 000 women worldwide are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. In fact, nearly half died."That is, every two minutes, a woman died from cervical cancer. In Indonesia alone, one woman dies dvery hour," said Ward.Child Protection Commission survey in 2010 to 4500 youth in 12 major cities throughout Indonesia found 93 percent of teens never kissed, 62.7 percent had had sex, and 21 percent of teenagers have done oborsi."Quite often, when a woman actually die from an abortion. All can be prevented, the key fortify themselves and avoid casual sex," says Ward.It is the duty of parents, community and government to put forward again the education and knowledge about sex among teenagers to be in the Balance of education and religious knowledge that is more binding.Based on research in various cities in Indonesia, about 20 to 30 percent of teens admitted to having sex.Based on the results of a survey the National Commission for Child Protection in collaboration with Child Protective Services (LPA) in 12 provinces in 2007 gained recognition teens that:- A total of 93.7% and secondary school children had done kissing, petting, and oral sex.- A total of 62.7% junior high school children admitted was not a virgin.- A total of 21.2% high school teens claimed to have an abortion.- Of the 2 million Indonesian women who had an abortion, 1 million are girls.- As many as 97% of middle and high school students claimed to love watching porno movies.Unfortunately, free sex continues to step on the ladder marriage. The threat of free sex teen lifestyle in general either in hostels or boarding-lodging seems to grow more serious ..
Premarital sex, more Boyke can also increase the risk of cervical cancer. If the sex is done before the age of 17 years, the risk of the disease could reach four to five times.In addition, premarital sex will increase the cases of sexually transmitted diseases, like syphilis, GO (ghonorhoe), to HIV / AIDS.Sex with a partner would be legistimasi for free sex. In fact, today, casual sex has become part of business culture. Factors behind this, partly due to lack of understanding of religious values. In addition, also due to the absence of formal sex education in schools. In addition, the rampant spread of pornographic images and VCD.The results of 2008 National Commission on Children? 62.7% junior high school teens are not virgins anymore. The most appalling is the fact that there are junior teen who confessed to having sex in her own home in the television room.Various factors influence the anataranya less parental attention, the school can not control this, or indeed because of the demands of the progress of time that forces teenagers to do this.With a variety of problem among teenagers need to be given a provision of reproductive health education in schools, sex education but not vulgar.
Various myths of sexuality in adolescents:A. Having sex with a boyfriend is a proof of love.In fact, sex is not the way to show compassion while still dating, but because due to the uncontrolled sexual drive and desire to experiment. Our affection with a boyfriend can be demonstrated in other ways.2. First time sex is always characterized by bleeding from the vagina.In fact, sex is not always the first time that keliahatan bleeding. If well maintained sexual communication and sexual relations conducted in a state ready with foreplay and not enough to bring the bleeding.3. Jumping after sex will not cause pregnancy.In fact, when the spermatozoa have entered the vagina, the sperm will be looking for a mature egg to be fertilized. Jumping will not release spermatozoa. Thus, there remains a possibility for conception or pregnancy.4. Means the hymen is torn already had sexual intercourse or not a virgin anymore.The fact is not always the case. The hymen is a thin membrane of skin that can stretch and tear for several reasons. In addition to its sex, the hymen can be torn as well as perform certain sports such as cycling and horse riding. Therefore, the tearing of the hymen is not necessarily because of sex, in fact there are also women who are married and have sex many times but her hymen was intact and not torn because her hymen is elastic.5. Virginity can be guessed from the way it goes, and forms the hip.In fact, virginity can not be seen from the hip or the way the road. Virginity is sometimes viewed from two sides, for a view of the physical side of it (this relates to the hymen), but can only be known through the results of medical examination. So just from knowing that allows examination khususlah torn hymen or not, and possible causes. It's just come back again virginity is not just physical. Secondly, in terms of psychosocial refers to whether one woman has had sex or not. It should be referenced, but virginity does not mean everything in this day.6. Male sex drive is greater than the female.In fact, the sexual urge is a natural thing that appears on each individual is generally started when he stepped on the onset of puberty (due to start functioning of sex hormones). And this is very fair and balanced both in men and women. Factors that affect sexual drive among other personalities, socialization patterns, and sexual experience. Female sex drive is often mentioned is smaller than male environment because they consider women who express sexual urges is a woman who was "bad or less good", while men are never questioned.7. Women with large breasts huge sex drive.The fact is not like that. Medically, there is no direct relationship between breast size by one's sexual drive. The sexual impulse is determined by personality, socialization patterns, and sexual experience (see, hear, or feel a sexual stimulation).8. Masturbation can cause knee hollow.In fact, masturbation does not cause the knee to be hollow. Spermatozoa are not produced and not stored in the knee, but in the testis. Maybe after masturbation, usually arise feel tired, because masturbation is spending a lot of energy. That's what makes a limp, so it was not because of his knee so empty.9. Frequent masturbation can make barren.In fact, medically masturbation does not interfere with physical health as long as is done safely (not to cause cuts or abrasions). Physical risk is usually in the form of fatigue. Masturbation is usually psychological influences, such as feelings of guilt, sin and the levels are different for each person. Infertility is usually just a result of STI (sexually transmitted infections) or other diseases such as cancer or because of other physical causes such as poor sperm quality.

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