Art Craft | Art Craft: Derived from the word "root" Sanskrit word which means 'doing'. Root of the word in Indonesian, turned into work, craft, work. According to KBBI, the notion of craft: craft meaningful work. In English is "Crafts".
Elements of Art Craft:

 a. Utility (usability aspects)

Security, which is guarantees about the use of baraqng goods.
Comfortable, that is most comfortable fit. Goods are goods that have applied a high practical value.
Flexibility, the flexibility of use. Craft art items are goods that wujudnya applied in accordance with the purposes and applied.
b. Aesthetics (beauty condition)
Goods having applied in addition to the function and use, also must have satisfied the requirement that beauty. Beauty can add a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

Function and purpose of art-making craft

As decorative objects
As disposable items
As a matter of toys

The types of crafts the archipelago:
Leather craft, the craft that uses raw materials from the skin
For example: bags, shoes, puppets, etc..

Metal craft, the craft that uses a metallic material such as iron, bronze, gold, silver.
Examples: Knives, Accessories, jewelry, etc..

Wood carving, which is a craft that uses raw materials from wood or molded yan done using a chisel carving.
For example: furniture, furniture, etc..

Woven handicraft art, craft materials typically use rattan, bamboo, tree fiber
For example: hats, baskets, bags, etc..

Batik art, the art of creating decorative patterns on the fabric with a variety of techniques.
For example: an application on clothes, bags, hp, etc..

Keramik craft, an art that uses the raw material of clay through the massage, butsar, gyre, burning, glatsir.
For example: pottery, vases, pots, plates, glasses, ashtrays, pigora, chandeliers, etc..

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